Meet The team


Jessica Lasisch

Jessica is the exclusive distributor of this incredible brand in the USA!

The eyelash extension industry is quickly growing and consumers are less tolerant of poor quality and bad service techniques. This is why I believe LUXUSLASHES is the world’s best eyelash cosmetic product.
— Jessica Lasisch

What do you get when you cross a keen eye, a steady hand and a small authority problem with five years in a convent? Well, in my case, you get an entrepreneur.

When I left the convent, I was a young teenager, tired of structure and rules. Much to the dismay of my mother, I often did the exact opposite of what I was asked. Unsurprisingly, my fierce commitment to this new found freedom of choice wasn’t much appreciated at home, so I packed my bags and landed with a clatter on the doorstep of my dear grandmother.

She was a lighter spirit than my mother and indulged my young heart a bit. She let me dream and so OF COURSE, I dreamt of Hollywood. I dreamt of glamour and beauty, of magic and MAKE-UP. It lit me up inside and I found a real drive and direction. 

First, I earned myself an education at Body & Soul in München and to make that possible, I worked in a hair-salon and took a second job at a cafe, saving every schilling for my tuition. By the time I graduated I was nineteen and shortly thereafter found myself self-employed, being booked by L’Oréal and flying all over the world with my clients. Life was happening fast and I was so happy and grateful to feel firmly on this new path. Also: I knew my mother was proud. 

But life is a wheel and we’re all on it, aren’t we? As it happened, it was time for me to make another trip around.

My world was shot through a new lens when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Adding to that, her own business was shutting down under some very unfortunate circumstances. She needed support and love and something new to  focus on while she tended to the business of getting better(and she did).

And so it happened that I was twenty years old when I took the plunge, with my mother as my business partner, and opened my first salon. I can also proudly boast that mine was the very first lash extension studio in Linz.

I will always be grateful for that push the universe gave me to really get to know my mother on a new level. We’d been mostly estranged for so many years and I felt very lucky for a second chance to get to connect with her. Then, to find out that we actually REALLY got along, was some very sweet icing on the cake. We had a BLAST and our business took off like a rocket. I like to think that one of the reasons we were so successful, was because people could really tell how much fun we were having!

Oh but it’s hard to fight your own nature, and mine is to march forward always. It wasn’t long before I was restless, curious and itching for another change. You can imagine the sound of silverware dropping at the dinner table when I announced that I thought I should go to America in search of some exciting and new beauty technology that I could learn and bring back to our already thriving business.

“No!”, they said. “You’re crazy!”, they cried. “THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN!”, they howled. So, the next day I bought a ticket to New York City.

It’s a true fact that I rang the doorbell of every dermatologist of note on the upper east side. And after interviewing with some of the most respected Dr’s in the business, I began working for Dr. Sobel at Sobel Skin in 2014. It was a real dream for me. I worked hard and with a joyful heart, very proud of all I was learning. It was a wonderful and exciting time.

So now there I was, filled with this wonderful new knowledge and skill that I was meant to take back home to my own salon. But my nature called again and I decided instead, that it would be more exciting to start my own business in New York. After 2 years with Dr.Howard Sobel I missed being an entrepreneur. I started a “in home service - lash extension - business” in New York and in the Hamptons.

Now I want to talk about Luxuslashes, a company out of Austria! Isn’t it a funny thing? To have traveled the world in search of the greatest techniques, intel, products and voodoo...only to find that the most exciting and cutting-edge product should hail from my very own backyard? Well, it does and I’m so excited to get to be the one to bring it here to you. I can’t express that enough.

LuxusLashes are incredible. They are an absolutely new generation of lash extension and in my expert opinion, there is nothing else even comparable. We are NOW in the process of launching several Luxuslashes Lounges here in America and we will provide top-notch professional training to our students in our own LuxusLashes Academies. This way, EVERY certified lash-stylist will be able to deliver the highest quality work, with the most unique and special lash extension on the market. Through the support of this amazing brand, LuxusLashes and I can offer you a world of possibilities. Be a lash stylist! But you don’t have to stop there, you can become your own boss! You can become a franchise partner of a LuxusLashes Lounge, if you’ve got bigger dreams!

Our future is mostly all up to us, and with this extraordinary product, it’s literally right here in our own two hands!