"Jessica takes such lovely attention and care"

"She has meticulous attention to detail. I receive many compliments on how nice the lashes look."

Courtney – Global Macro Sales, Financial Markets

"All extensions are NOT created equally!"

"Jessica has a gift. She is able to balance giving my lashes a natural look and yet also creates this amazing emphasis on my eyes. I wake up feeling beautiful with Jessica's lash extensions! I have seen so many people with cheesy over-done eyelashes, or worse eyelashes that are the same length across, but you will NEVER get this with Jessica.

I never have to worry and tell Jessica what length I want or style, she just knows how to make everyone look their best. My friends are all Jessica devotees! Jessica is AMAZING and truly one of the most talented eyelash artists out there."

Jessica – Consultant, New York City

"Jessica is truly talented at what she does."

"I've been getting my lashes done by Jessica at LuxusLashes for about 8 months now. She makes my lashes look so natural but so glamorous at the same time. I am truly addicted to getting them done and can't live without them now. While Jessica was on maternity leave I had my lashes done by Sandee and they were just beautiful! You can tell she was trained by the best!"

Nancy – Hairstylist at Broom & Beauty, New York City


Ingrid – Interior Designer, New York City

"I couldn't have been happier or more satisfied!"

"I have been getting lashes for 3 years and Jessica is the best, fastest and loveliest of them all!"

Laura – Psychotherapist, New York City


“Jessica Lasisch is a bit of a lash wizard. The Austrian-born nutrition and beauty artist has mastered the art of supernatural eyelash extensions since before the trend was cool. The European brand she uses—LuxusLashes—are high-quality extensions, which she applies to your lids using a non-irritable adhesive that won’t damage your natural lashes. Best of all, she’ll come to you!”